Our Story

Journey of a medical doctor to Personal Health Advisor

We were treating patients for last 25 years….

One fine day, there was a call from anxious parent of 9 years old boy, who was suffering with fever, swelling & pain in joints. They had already consulted a paediatrician, who treated him symptomatically and advised some tests. As there was no relief in symptoms and child was unable to walk so, he referred the child to orthopaedician. Further, the problem got aggravated, so the parents got worried and called Dr. Radhika, who happened to be their relative. She asked for all the reports and also took a detailed history. She then suggested few tests related to rheumatic fever, which turned out to be positive. This is one of the serious kinds of childhood infection, which happens between 5-15 years and can damage the heart valves, mainly mitral valve. If not detected on time this can lead to lifelong debility and require surgical intervention (valvular surgery). Luckily, the diagnosis was made on time and his heart ECHO report came normal. Meanwhile, as the child was in different city so Dr. Radhika has coordinated with paediatrician, who was specialised in (Rheumatic disease) in Delhi and started the treatment. Dr. Radhika kept monitoring the total treatment process by enquiring time to time. Child recovered fully well and today he is a happy & healthy teenager. (Name of child is withheld due to patient privacy).

Numerous such incidents took place during Dr Radhika’s career as a practicing physician. Dr Radhika carefully kept a log of all steps followed in each case and drafted a care plan as detailed below.


UniworldCare Medical Tourism Processes (14 STEPS )

The Process starts with: 

  1. QUERY sent by patient or call made by patient or information received through some of his relative or friend.
  2. DETAILED HISTORY TAKING over the phone or skype or video conferencing or in person in clinic.
  3. PATIENT REPORT SHARING though email, whatssapp, Mobile App or in person.
  4. ASK FOR NECESSARY INVESTIGATION required for the treatment.
  6. DISCUSSION with three different doctors of same speciality keeping three different budget hospital in mind.
  7. COSTING OF TREATMENT : Budget treatment/ Regular treatment/ Executive treatment ( The costing will not affect the Quality of treatment).
  8. DECISION MAKING The patient has chosen the type of treatment, treating doctor, hospital and budget
  9. LOGISTICS ARRANGEMENTS The Uniworld  team assists with the visa, travel planning, and stay.
  10. APPOINTED PI (Patient  incharge) for the particular case

MoUs with Hospitals

Uniworld has signed MoUs with more than 30 leading hospitals in India and hosted patients from more than 10 countries, including from the African, USA, Germany, Dubai and Australian regions. It has also tied with partners in more than 5 countries, including Afganistan, Estonia, Switzerland, UK & USA for referring patients.

Uniworld has 12-member team comprising doctors, researcher, software engineers, digital marketers, content writers and field operatives.

The Medical Tourism market

According to the Grand Thornton report, the cost factor together with availability of accredited facilities have led to the emergence of several global medical tourism corridors, such as Singapore, Thailand, India, Malaysia, Taiwan, Mexico, and Costa Rica.

Grabbing a combined 34 percent market share, Bangladesh and Afghanistan dominate the Medical Value Travel (MVT). Africa and the GCC and CIS regions offer the maximum opportunity for the Indian healthcare sector. Focusing on the India, the report mentioned that Chennai, Mumbai, Andhra Pradesh, and the National Capital Region (NCR) are the most favoured medical tourism destinations.

Among the few companies that have leveraged the growing opportunities in medical tourism in India is PlanMyMedicalTrip.com, a Pune-based solutions provider for anyone looking for affordable medical services and the necessary infrastructure at hospitals that best address their concern.  Recognised by the Ministry of Tourism, Medi Connect India is another company that arranges communication between the doctor and patients through phone, helps with visa assistance letters from the hospital and the doctor to procure an Indian visa and more. Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched IndiaHealthCareTourism.com, which provides guidance to patients looking for multiple treatment options in India.

Unlike any other start-ups, Uniworld Care, has been managing health related queries on everyday basis since past 15 years. It includes helping a patient, from diagnosis to treatment and after treatment follow up care. It requires a set of metrics, where we need to ensure quality at every level & bench marking of processes in a structured way. Uniworld Care is working towards establishing Quality in every step of medical tourism.

Our Unique Value Preposition



  • Trust & Transparency in dealings
  • Technology driven healthcare solutions
  • Trained Team

But how do you build that trust?


Credible 20 years of medical practice has provided enough understanding to Dr. Radhika & team about patient dealings, empathy/friendly behaviour & treatment with a humanisti approach.

International patients are looking for more than just cost savings. They are looking for someone they can trust to provide the care and service they require. Before leaving their home for medical care, it is crucial that patients trust you. The new traveller of health and wellness seeker wants more information. The travelling patient is different than typical local patient, so pre- post treatment support program is a must.

We provide healthcare packages with transparent pricing, ensured quality and one stop solution. Our rewards are a “Happy & Satisfied Patient”.